David Rachac

David Rachac, M.S. Associate

Producing meaningful data comes naturally to very few, and David Rachac is among that elite group. He executes research projects with genuine enthusiasm and an unparalleled level of professionalism. Crunching numbers or creating data displays, he approaches research with a fine-toothed comb to deliver useful analyses to our clients.

At Caledonia Solutions, Dave uses his several decades of experience in customer satisfaction and business marketing research to lead data collection and analysis for our clients. His extensive background includes statistical analysis, reporting and methodological issues, conducting research across a variety of industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality and telecommunications.

His passion for research began at the University of Minnesota, earning a Master’s degree in educational psychology with an emphasis in measurement.

Robert Hill, Ph.D. Founder and Principal

Robert Hill Dr. Robert Hill is driven by both hard facts and creative exploration. A natural leader, meticulous researcher and true entrepreneur, he approaches each project with equal parts proven analytics and genuine curiosity. Seamlessly blending qualitative and quantitative research techniques, he helps clients see beyond the numbers to make decisions that positively impact their business.

As founder and principal of Caledonia Solutions, Robert not only manages the company, he is also personally engaged with the execution, analysis and interpretation of many of our client deliverables. His leadership stems from experience with several leading research vendors, and a range of thriving information technology companies.

Robert’s expertise began while earning a Ph.D. in applied economics from the University of Minnesota where he studied under several Nobel Prize Laureates.

Eugene Lieb

Eugene Lieb, Ph.D. Associate

Guided by an inventive spirit and an eagerness to support our clients’ success, Gene Lieb excels at research design and modeling. His proficiency at statistical modeling techniques blends seamlessly with a clear understanding of business management to help our clients make research-driven decisions.

His multi-faceted expertise led to the creation of The Marketing Toolkit, an advanced decision support system that puts multiple statistical analyses in an easy-to-use platform. This innovative tool enables clients to perform “what if” scenarios with various data points. Delivered in easy-to-view charts, clients are able to see how multiple options can change statistical outcomes, ultimately simplifying their decision-making process.

Gene earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and an MBA in applied economics from the University of Rochester, and has been published in multiple academic and industry publications focused on business analytics.

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